WordSmith For Palm OS

Generally, I don't trade in warez on this site, but for software that's pretty much abandoned, and the original company having vanished, I'm willing to make an exception.

WordSmith was a great little word processor for Palm OS, and I used it for quite a few years. Sadly, the developer, Blue Nomad, has disappeared (along with Palm OS).

So, for anybody out there still using a Palm OS device, and yearning for a registered copy of WordSmith, here's my old registration info. Blue Nomad guys, if you're out there and object to me posting this, just say the word and I'll take it down.

Registration Key: 2543417850-202627516

HotSync Name: Dave

You can either change your HotSync name to "Dave", or I believe there was a HackMaster hack floating around that let you set the HotSync name on a per-app basis (probably used mainly for piracy). I never bothered downloading it or using it, so I don't have the foggiest idea what it was called. But if you can find it, odds are that it would work here.